Connecting our Limited Resources of Rare Metals
to the Future


We solve issues surrounding rare metals by “Emulsion-flow.”

Rare metals are indispensable in high-tech industries.
However, currently, the supply of rare metals is unstable because of the reliance on imports; this greatly impacts the development of a decarbonized society.
In particular, a stable supply of rare metals is necessary since an increase in the number of electric vehicles, triggered by the recent trend toward carbon neutrality, will accompany the shortage of rare metals.


Emulsion-flow: innovative solvent extraction technology developed at JAEA

Solvent extraction is a method of separating and refining substances. It can be used to selectively extract a target component by utilizing the distribution of substances between two liquid phases that do not mix. Emulsion-flow was developed at the JAEA. Conventional solvent extraction methods require three processes of mixing, settling, and separating the two liquid phases. In contrast, only one process of liquid sending is required in Emulsion-flow, enabling an ideal solvent extraction.

The competitive advantages of Emulsion-flow

  • Improved productivity

    Tenfold the productivity of conventional techniques

    Less than one-fifth of the running costs of conventional techniques

  • Improved working

    Odorless, safe, and

    Capable of 24-hour unattended operation through IoT management

  • Improved separation and

    High-purity refinement of elements (over 99.99%)

    Refinement of elements that are difficult to separate (rare earth elements, etc.)

  • Reduction of environmental load

    High oil/water separation ability
    Clean drainage


  • Raremetal
    Recycling Business

    Many rare-metal recycling techniques are in a validation phase and have not yet been commercialized. In particular, the recovery of rare metals requires complex and costly separating and refining processes, which are not profitable.

    Emulsion Flow Technologies Ltd. aims to recover rare metals in lithium-ion batteries and others, with high purity. EFT implements this at a low cost to actualize “horizontal recycling,” where recovered rare metals are directly reutilized as high-grade materials in high-tech industries.
  • Total support business

    We provide accompanying support for the introduction of Emulsion-flow, from the proposal of a solvent extraction process using our technologies to the implementation of a commercial plant.

    In addition to rare-metal recycling, using our technologies, we give proposals addressing customers’ problems relating to separating and refining processes, such as metal smelting, etc. We assist with the design, installation, and manufacture of plants and equipment using Emulsion-flow. In addition, we procure technology licenses to realize customers’ requests.

    Target Fields

    Metal recycling (rare and precious metals); metal smelting (rare and precious metals); chemistry; biotechnology; food.


  • Hiroshi Suzuki


    Hiroshi Suzuki


    Hiroshi Suzuki joined the JAEA in 2003 and dedicated his efforts to neutron science and engineering research for approximately 15 years. He attended the new energy and industrial technology development organization (NEDO) startup supporters academy (SSA) in 2018. Afterward, he established the Innovation Management Office at JAEA and began to support the social implementation of research and development results generated in the field of nuclear energy. Through these activities, he met Hirochika Naganawa, and they both set up the startup, EFT Ltd. He oversees business development at EFT Ltd.
  • Hirochika Naganawa


    Hirochika Naganawa


    After completing his doctoral course at the Tokyo University of Science in 1989, Hirochika Naganawa worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology in France. He joined the JAEA in 1992. He has been engaged in research relating to element separation techniques, such as solvent extraction, for over 30 years. He developed emulsion flow with Tetsushi Nagano et al. and a new extraction system using molecular assembly with Hideya Suzuki et al. After meeting Hiroshi Suzuki, he decided to socially implement Emulsion-flow technology, establishing a startup, EFT Ltd. As the chief technology officer, he oversees the further development of Emulsion-flow technology and its application.
  • Tetsushi Nagano


    Tetsushi Nagano


    After joining the JAEA in 1986, Tetsushi Nagano has been engaged in research on the treatment and disposal of radioactive waste and the migration behavior of radionuclides in the environment. In 2010, he assisted with the development of Emulsion-flow as a new liquid radioactive waste processing technology with Hirochika Naganawa and Hideya Suzuki et al. and participated in the establishment of EFT Ltd. He oversees the design of the extraction process.
  • Suzuki Hideya


    Suzuki Hideya


    After working as a high school teacher, Hideya Suzuki completed his doctoral course at Ibaraki University in 2003. As a short-term expert researcher in the JAEA, he has been engaged in research concerning elemental separation using solvent extraction methods. In 2010, he started developing a new solvent extraction technology (Emulsion-flow) and participated in the establishment of EFT Ltd. in 2021. 
  • Komasa Mizuki

    Nonexecutive Director

    Komasa Mizuki

    Nonexecutive Director

    After completing his master’s degree in bioinformatics at Keio University in 2008, Komasa Mizuki worked at the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) and SMBC Nikko Securities. Thereafter, he branched out to become involved with the Real Tech Fund. He supports a wide range of research and development startups that use technologies necessary for the adaptability of human life in outer space, such as lunar transport, small radar satellites, nanosatellites and probes, avatar robots, food production technology, and water regeneration technology.

About us

Company name Emulsion Flow Technologies Ltd.
Established April 5, 2021
Capital 45.5 million yen
Address 2-5 Oaza-Shirakata, Tokai, Naka, Ibaraki
Representative Hiroshi Suzuki
Business description Rare-metal recycling business using emulsion flow technology.
Total support business relating to emulsion flow technology.
New development business using Emulsion-flow technology.


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